Vehicle Guidelines and Liability Waiver
for all Floats, Cars, Motorcycles and Animals
(Driver or authorized individual must read and sign these guidelines.)

Because our celebration is held within the community it is necessary to enforce strict guidelines for all participants and vehicles. We must adhere to all legal restrictions and regulations in order to assure not only the good order of the event but to insure that the community is respected. All vehicles and floats in the parade must be registered with the St. Pat's for All Committee. A registration fee must be paid for each float or vehicle except those that serve exclusively as transport for the physically challenged. However, each such vehicle must be registered, decorated and accompanied by two marshals. The fee for each vehicle is $15. For floats $50. No one will be excluded because of lack of funds. The driver or authorized individual must read and sign this Vehicle Guidelines/Liability Form and provide proof of his/her drive’s license.


How many vehicles or floats will you have?:

How many are exclusively for the transport of the physically challenged?

Type of vehicle:

Float Motorcycle Decorated Vehicle Other

Please describe

Will the vehicle have sound?

Yes live recorded No

No. of people riding each vehicle (maximum:10):

Floats Information:

How will your float be moved?
How long is your tow vehicle? length. How long is your float? length. (Max. 35 ft combined length of tow vehicle/fl oat)

How high/tall is your float? height from ground. (Max. 14 feet from ground)

Name(s) of Driver(s):


St. Pat's for All Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any vehicle deemed a public hazard. In this event, your vehicle fee will be returned.

Participants must abide by community standards.

Financial arrangement for the vehicles is the responsibility of the sponsoring group/organization. The St. Pat's for All Committee bears no responsibility for such arrangements.

The driver must possess the necessary operator's license required by law for the type of vehicle.

No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on or near any vehicle. Violation of this rule will automatically result in the cancelation of vehicle participation of the offending organization.

All vehicle permits will be issued on the morning of the parade. There can be no exceptions.

No vehicle will be permitted into the Parade without a vehicle permit.


All vehicles require a minimum of 2 marshals. We recommend more for large or elaborate displays

Display bed may be a maximum of 10 ft wide and 20 ft long

Tow vehicle may be a maximum of 14 ft high from the ground to the top of the display. Maximum width of 16 ft including overhang

There must be a minimum curb clearance of 14 inches from the ground to the base of the float bed.

No more than 10 people may ride one float.

Cars, Jeeps or Trucks:

There is no fee for vehicles designated solely for the transportation of the physically challenged, but all such vehicles should be decorated and have to be accompanied by marshals.

Support vehicles for marching bands, etc. should be decorated and have specific marshals apart from the band support personnel.


Each animal requires one marshal

Treatment of animals must conform to NYC and ASPCA guidelines

The marshals are responsible for cleaning up any waste

Riders and animals must be familiar with riding in a crowd situation.


Marshals who have attended marshal training must accompany each vehicle

Vehicle marshals are not permitted to ride in or on the vehicle. We ask that they walk next to their vehicle

For safety reasons we regretfully will not be able to permit vehicles that do not have trained marshals accompanying them to participate in the parade

It is the responsibility of the marshals to work with the police in the event of an accident or mechanical failure of the vehicle


PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT (by pressing "submit" or placing this form in the mail):

I state that I am empowered to act upon behalf of my group and state that the following is true if my group has a vehicle or other equipment in the St. Pat's for All parade: (1) that on behalf of my group I assume any and all liability for, any and all damage or injury resulting from, action or negligence of my group, its members, or any persons participating in its contingent, (3) that on behalf of my organization and its members I agree to hold the St. Pat's for All Committee, its members, officers, agents, and associated personnel, harmless in the event of any and all accidents, injury and/or damage to the persons and/or property of my organization and its members:

Name Title


I/We agree to abide by the St. Pat's for All Policies & Guidelines under the pains and penalty of perjury.

Whether Irish by birth, heritage or simply affection.... all welcome!

"cherishing all the children of the nation equally..."

Proclamation of the Irish Republic, Easter 1916

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